Month: June 2011

Feel. George Duke Mix (1971-1980) Mixed by B+ (Download)

If you are unfamiliar with the sound of the legendary George Duke, here is your crash course provided by photographer/DJ B+

Madlib/Quasimoto – Jazz Cats (Audio) (2000)

Madlib does a great song paying tribute to the great Jazz greats, but he forgets two extremely important names. Hear which musicians influence Madlib, and who he leaves out.

Summer Time – Herbie Mann (1961) / Sublime & Pharcyde (1997)

Herbie Mann’s version of this seasonal classic is known beyond the realm of Jazz. Listen to his version, as well as many others and enjoy why this song has been a staple in music history.

“One for Gil” (A Gil Scott-Heron Tribute) – Mixed by DJ Center (w/ Alternate Artwork)

A magnificent ode to the great Gil Scott-Heron, mixed by New York Native, DJ Center.

Horace Silver – Song for My Father (1965)

Song for My Father is Blue Note Jazz at its best.

Eric Dolphy – Out to Lunch (1964)

Arguably one of Blue Note Record’s best recordings, Eric Dolphy teams up with Jazz legends to create an abstract masterpiece.

Alice Coltrane – Universal Consciousness (1971)

Alice Coltrane goes above and beyond the realm of Jazz in ‘Universal Consciousness’.