Month: September 2011

Remembering Sylvia Robinson

Today, Robinson passed away at the age of 75. Her name is more likely to draw look of recognition from someone of my mother’s generation more so than my own. And yet, she is a figure who has in so many ways shaped my current investment in hip-hop music.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble – Untitled/Fantastic (Video) (2009)

The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble provides an orchestral interpretation of one of J Dilla’s timeless records.

20th Anniversary of A Low End Theory (1991)

Let’s take a second to stop, listen, and REALIZE what this album did for us as individuals, for Hip Hop, and for music as a whole.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Live from the Montreux Jazz Festival (1972)

Roy Ayers was brilliant in this recording of the 1972 Montreux Jazz festival, showing off his versatility at the earlier years of his career.

The John Coltrane Quartet – Ballads (1963)

On a day in which we formally welcome autumn, we too celebrate the birth of John Coltrane. The symbolism of it all can be heard rather than seen. That is why, today, I listen to Ballads.

Herbie Mann / The Pharcyde – Otha Fish (1967/1992)

As many people praised the fusion between Jazz and Hip Hop in the early 90’s, ‘Otha Fish’ by The Pharcyde is one that goes overlooked, and it shouldn’t.

Dissecting ‘Passing Me By’ by The Pharcyde (1992)

The Pharcyde’s ‘Passing Me By’ is a landmark song in one of Hip Hop’s most influential eras.

Hugh Masekela – A Night in Tunisia (Audio) (Circa 1974)

Hugh Masekela fuses his African sound with a timeless Jazz classic.

Weldon Irvine / Horace Silver – Liberated Brother (Multiple Versions)

A brilliant song by Weldon Irvine only becomes more refined as Horace Silver plays his version of the same song.

Weldon Irvine – Morning Sunrise (Audio) (1979)

The spatial relationship of Jay-Z to Weldon Irvine is as succinct as the momentary lapse between summer and fall.

David “Fathead” Newman (Feat. Roy Ayers) – Lonely Avenue (Atlantic) (1972)

From Jazz, to Funk, to Soul, to Hip Hop, you can hear it all when you listen to “Lonely Avenue” by David Newman…and you hear some Roy Ayers, too!