Month: March 2012

Lonnie Liston Smith and Dom Kennedy Are Just Cool (1980/2011)

Lonnie Liston Smith and Dom Kennedy come from two separate sides of the country, and are from two different eras, but they have way more in common than they might think.

The Blackbyrds / Wiz Khalifa – Mysterious Vibes / Ink My Whole Body (1977/2008)

Wiz Khalifa’s tattoo anthem may sound arrogant to some, but one thing is for sure is that this song couldn’t have been made without this 1970’s classic song by The Blackbyrds.

Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You (Video) (Circa 1980)

Herbie Hancock’s early adaptation of the vocoder was masterful in this late 70s classic song.

Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Video) (2011)

An excellent song with visuals to match, Gregory Porter has an instant classic with this thought provoking song.

Ayentee – Mos Common Thought (Remix) (Download) (2012)

Ayentee produces a great conceptual project, as he fuses the minds of three of the greatest emcees in the game.

Bobby Hutcherson – Montara (1975)

Bobby Hutcherson’s most unconventional work proves to be his best. “Montara” is not only Hutcherson’s best work, but it could be one of Blue Note’s best releases.

REL – Out Of View (Instrumental) (Download) (2012)

The crew of the Roy Ayers Project are respectively involved in other ventures, and camera man / editor REL has just released his instrumental project entitled “Out Of View”.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Vibrations (1976)

“Vibratiions” was produced during the heart of Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity years, and this particular album is monumental for more reasons than one.