40 Great Jazz Musicians that Didn’t Live Past 45 Years Old

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Most Jazz musicians play well into they’re senior years, playing across many clubs in each country, having a million and one stories to share with their kin. We have lost many legendary artists in the last 10 years, and there are many Jazz greats that are still alive today.

This is a list dedicated to Jazz greats that were lost well before they should have been; In many unfortunate cases during their prime, and in even more unfortunate instances, before their prime. Although these women and men lived abbreviated lives, all of these artists have left behind an individual legacy, and they will be for ever remembered as members of the Jazz Community.

If we missed anyone, or if there are any honorable mentions, please let it be heard in the comments. Thanks!

(information provided by wikipedia)

5 comments on 40 Great Jazz Musicians that Didn’t Live Past 45 Years Old

  1. Haylow says:

    Someone that we missed in our post:

    Eddie Lang (1902 โ€“ 1933) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Lang

  2. Danyo says:

    didn’t think i saw Grant Green’s picture. 1935-1979.

    1. Haylow says:

      @Danyo You’re right! Terrible omission on my part. He passed way too soon. Thanks! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_Green

  3. Marcus P. BoisAubin says:

    Where’s Jaco Pastorious on this list? He died before the age 45, and he definitely helped changed the face of electric bass in Jazz!

    1. Haylow says:

      @Marcus Check again! Jaco is on the list. and you’re right, he definitely was a trail blazer.

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