This is 70|30

70|30 is the cultured art, music, and education through digital media.

The What

A concept developed by Halline “Haylow” Overby, 70|30 focuses on the preservation of music, art, culture, and lifestyle through various mediums, such as web, video, audio, design, events, and more.

The Why

The purpose of 70|30 is to educate past, present, and future generations about the historical relevance of the music from previous eras and how it has impacted the music and art we are currently exposed to. Paying homage to the persons who came before us is a common theme, and the mission of 70|30 is to educate future generations about the origins of their artistic interests.

The Now

70|30 is currently working on the Roy Ayers Project, a multi-media project that focuses on preserving the legacy of Roy Ayers, as well as educating the masses on his present day influence, musical importance, and philosophy. The Roy Ayers Project can be seen in various media forms, including a full length film, which is currently in progress.

Although the Roy Ayers Project is the centerpiece, 70× stays active with engaging and informative articles written by musical scholars and seasoned publishers. Other aspects that 70|30 focuses on is the presentation, where the attention to visual aesthetics, art, and design is a key component of what we produce.

The Meaning

The numbers 70 and 30 have many different representations, and the concept is open to interpretation. Here are a few explanations behind the two numbers, and how they relate to music, as well as our mission statement:

If 100 represents the totality of music, 30% can be a representation of today’s popular musical art forms (Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, House, etc), while the 70% represents the music that preceded contemporary music (Funk, Jazz, Soul, Disco). The disproportion exemplifies the importance of our musical foundation.

If we look at the entire landscape of music over the past 100 years, the last 30 years (1980s – Present) have produced the Hip Hop generation, contemporary R&B, the Neo Soul movement, the evolution of House, and many other sub genres mostly deriving from those art forms. When examining the 70 years that preexisted before contemporary music, you see the blueprint for what comprises today’s music and art forms.

Think of the numbers 70 and 30 in the context of age. Think of a 70 year old, someone who has lived a full life and has compiled a library worth of knowledge and generations of experiences, and think of a 30 year old, someone who is eager to learn, discovering the meaning of life, one who is becoming their own person. Think of a conversation that these two individuals would have. To have that generational bridge is a necessity. It helps us grow, as well as helps us stay young.

We invite our viewers to also define the numbers 70 and 30 in relation to our mission statement.
As art, it is open to interpretation, and the meanings are limitless.

The Future

The future of 70|30 is limitless. We will look forward to bringing you a multitude of projects that will focus on our mission statement in a variety of forms. A few specific future endeavors for 70|30 include exclusive videos and music, photo exhibitions, public events, interactive web components, and even curriculum for scholastic environments. There are infinite ways in which we can preserve our heritage, and 70|30 is here to do just that.

For any and all questions, comments or inquiries about 70|30, please visit our contact form.