The Art of Digging According to Wajeed

Waajeed, Motor City-bred producer, member of the Platnium Pied Pipers, and co-founder of the Bling47 group/label, wears many hats. As a true music connoisseur, many of his songs have a wide range of sounds and samples that uniquely put him into his own lane as a producer. This makes it very interesting to wonder how a producer/DJ goes about selecting music to make a record and or use to rock a crowd.

In this vintage interview (brought to you by Mid Western Goodness), Waajeed takes us on a ride to the Midwest to the legendary store, Melodies and Memories, where he shares his thoughts and opinions on music and producing while digging in the crates. It is great to see a record store of such a high caliber thriving in the current day and age of technology and downloading. And it’s even more wondrous to see Waajeed’s humble connection to music and the importance of being original and having your own ingenious source when it comes to creativity. Watch as the jewels drop, pure dopeness.

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Written by: Inna (@Iceberg_LeSlim)

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  1. A necessary watch and read, posted by @Iceberg_LeSlim, The Art of Digging According to Wajeed (@Jeedo47)

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