From Ayentee: “Here is the first installment in a series of albums I’m calling Frankensteined. The goal of this project is to take a bunch of verses from different artists and try to craft an album as if they were all in the studio working together. I really wanted to create a brand new listening experience and try to redefine the potential of the remix. Volume one focuses in on Mos Def, Common, and Black Thought, 3 legendary emcees from Brooklyn, Chicago, and Philadelphia respectively.”

What is an excellent conceptual project, producer/emcee Ayentee creates Mos Common Thought, which is a showcase of beats all produced by Aynetee, mixed with acapellas from Mos Def, Common, and Black Thought. It is not only an innovative recreation of some of your favorite songs and verses, it features seldom heard verses and acapellas from various side projects. Will this dream collaboration ever materialize? Well…it’s possible, considering they have all worked together in some capacity. But I think we all know that it is far fetched. So while we wait for that magical album with all three of these accelerated minds on every track, we can listen to the fantastic production of Ayentee as he presents Mos Common Thought (Frankensteined, Vol. 1).

Download: Mos Common Thought (Frankensteined, Vol. 1)

This is not the official artwork for Mos Common Thought. Artwork recreated by Haylow.

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