The Blue Mitchell Quintet – Down With It (1965) (Audio)

An album that can be enjoyed by jazz listeners of all types and levels, Blue Mitchell‘s 1965 Blue Note release entitled Down With It is a magnificent example of what jazz should sound like.

A quintet featuring Chick Corea on piano, Junior Cook on tenor sax, Gene Taylor on bass, Al Foster on drums, and Blue Mitchell on trumpet, this particular features different styles of jazz, with Hi-Heel Sneakers displaying a bop sound, and March On Selma having elements of blues, with other elements of free form, traditional, straight ahead jazz throughout, including a lovely ballad in Alone, Alone, & Alone. One thing to note is that most of the songs has excellent combinations of the duel sounds of the trumpet and saxophone, and all the solo work on each recording is truly unique in its own way, but definitely not overbearing in any way. Just a smooth listen, giving you a clear cut representation of what a jazz quintet is.

Listen to this album in its entirety, and you will enjoy it as much as any other jazz purist or musician would.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”The Blue Mitchell Quintet – High Heel Sneakers@, The Blue Mitchell Quintet – Perception@, The Blue Mitchell Quintet – Alone Alone & Alone@, The Blue Mitchell Quintet – March On Selma@, The Blue Mitchell Quintet – One Shirt@, The Blue Mitchell Quintet – Samba De Stacy@″]

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