Bobby Hutcherson – Montara (1975)

As someone from the golden era of the Blue Note years, Bobby Hutcherson is not only one of the greatest jazz vibraphonists, he is an ambassador for jazz music as a whole, contributing to multiple sub-genres and being musically active for well over five decades. Although he was more than prominent throughout the 1960’s, some of his best work was released in the 1970’s, most notably the latin infused album Montara, which was released in 1975. When you think of latin jazz vibraphone, it’s impossible to take the title away from Cal Tjader, but Hutcherson’s dabble in the latin vibe was more than excellent, with Montara having a strong backbone of latin rhythms with a hint of African percussion. Unlike Roy Ayers and Cal Tjader, Bobby Hutcherson constantly ventured away from the vibraphone, using the marimba and xylophone, and this holds especially true for this particular album. Hutcherson’s marimba work is pronounced on the particular song, (Se Acabo) La Malanga. As evident to this albums greatness, it has been repeatedly remixed by musical greats such as The Roots, Kenny Dope, and Madlib, just to name a few, and it has also been sampled many times.

Because Bobby Hutcherson didn’t really stray far into the realm of latin jazz, this particular project could be considered an experiment, but what a wonderful result it was. Montara is one of the vast body of work from Mr. Hutcherson, but it is truly his most memorable.

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