1. 06 Fenway Funk
You cannot mention latin jazz vibraphonists without Cal Tjader. We can all agree on that. Although Bobby Vince Paunetto did not nearly have the discography of Tjader, he was a true innovator when discussing the rare combination of instrumentation and style. Paunetto had a funk that Tjader did not have, which gave his sound a more of a “2 and 4” beat. The drums drive, while the instrumentation is smooth and melodic. True, this album did not contain the heavyweights that you’d see on a Blue Note label release, but the overall sound of this particular album entitled Paunetto’s Point is spectacular. An excellent latin jazz sound that is less focused on blaring brass, and more structured around the melodic sounds of the vibraphone.

Listen below, and experience the sounds of Bobby Vince Paunetto.

scanned images by herencialatina.com




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