Brother Hayling – AutoPilot (2013) (Download)

You might know the name Brother Hayling for his brilliant writings on and 70×, but you should know that it’s only one of his talents. As a contributor for the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, his classically trained ear is able to lend a helping hand to his beats and instrumentalism for his personal productions, as well as his works with his group, Columbia Nights.

He recently released his latest creation entitled AutoPilot on his SoundCloud page, available for free download.

The only regret about AutoPilot is that it’s too short. The driving drum patterns interlaced with the melodic chords and synths are taylor made for something that you can listen to for about a half hour straight, being the perfect soundtrack to whatever you happen to be doing. Another mentionable about AutoPilot is that it is a great blend of digital construction and soulful sounds, making it a successful experiment.

This beat is a sample of what Brother Hayling has to offer, and anything he releases, we’ll be a fan of. This is a testament to just that. Listen below, and help yourself to a download. Please make sure you spread the word that Brother Hayling is on the rise

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.45.44 AM

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