Columbia Nights – Dawn | Dusk EP (2012)

I wasn’t exactly sure what to write. Having spoken of their work before, I’m left with the timeless query first presented by Brother Shawn Carter:

What more can I say?

With no other options left, I did as I’ve always done when caught in that proverbial space, somewhere between a rock and a hard place. I listened; not to any god(s), critics, or even myself, but, instead, I listened to the music.

And so I sat in a dark room, at a quarter past midnight, listening to Dawn | Dusk.

There is a therapeutic element evident in all great music. We allow the sounds to sweep over us, scoring our emotions. Lyrics become the dialogue expressing that which we simply cannot. At times, I wonder if we, ourselves, inject greater meaning into song, desperate to feel connected to something; anything. Even so, music’s transcendent properties are very much real, if only in the mind of those who feel it.

I say all of this apologetically, because I just can’t provide the sort of analysis apropos for the occasion. I’ve exhausted the possibilities.

After yet another listen, I heard something completely new. I had first engaged this EP months ago. Last night, I sat in an entirely different space, a completely different mind frame, and accordingly, the music had another story to tell. But, it was something that I cannot put into words, at least, not for you. I think that that’s the beauty of the music. It speaks to us in a language that only we can understand. Columbia Nights presents a healthy array of electronic soul, blending introspective lyricism with effectively mellow vibes. This is true. But, as quality music, its greatest gift is a personal one. I can’t write that story for you. It’s yours.

So, as much as I would love to wax poetically on the musical virtues of Columbia Nights, being it their opening day, I just can’t. Instead, I petition you to take a listen and hear what you need to hear, because the music always has something to say.

This is Columbia Nights.

Dawn | Dusk is available today on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Record Breakin’ Music.

Written By: Paul Pennington

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