HaylowHalline (Haylow) Overby
Creator / Video / Staff Writer / Design / DJ     (San Francisco, Ca.)

Haylow was introduced to the realm of jazz, funk, and soul through the origins of hip hop, and has always been a student of music. Earning a degree in video production through San Francisco State University, his mission is to use his knowledge and interests to create wonderful and insightful projects in an attempt to preserve art and music.
(Twitter: @Haylow)


PaulPaul Pennington
Staff Writer     (Pittsburgh, Pa)

Paul is a writer and consultant based in Pittsburgh, PA. “Freelancing life,” he lends his expertise to several entities in both a creative and business capacity. Moving forward, he would eventually like to find permanent residence in the music industry.
(Twitter: @PaulPennington)

Brother Hayling

HaylingHayling Price
Staff Writer / Musician     (Washington, D.C.)

Hayling is a writer, activist and musician based in Washington, DC. He’s a member of the electrosoul production team Columbia Nights and moonlights as a solo producer and audio engineer. As a classically trained pianist and experienced beatmaker, his ear continues to develop after a lifetime of listening and learning.
(Twitter: @BrotherHayling).


Inna Smith
Staff Writer     (Cincinnati, Oh.)

Inna is a native Cincinnatian whose interests lie in music, history and world cultures. Her introduction to the unparalled music of the 1960’s and 1970’s through her parents has created a devout passion for Black culture within her life. She is a creative writer and plans to inspire people through books and media in the future.


Carl Edward
Staff Writer    (Denver, Co.)

Carled started collecting records as a child in the 1960s and has been a student of music his entire life. Now that his non-music related career has ended, he is beginning to find his place in the musical universe in this next phase of his life. His history of listening to and collecting music helps him provide insight into the relevance and cultural significance of the music of prior eras.


RELAriel (REL) Nuñez
Director / Camera / Editor / Instrumentalist     (New York, NY)

Ariel is an expert in cinematography with experience that spans well over a decade. From directing videos, to making beats, REL is a one of a kind talent that is a huge asset to any project. As his resume continues to grow on a weekly basis, he is adamant in creating creative and groundbreaking productions of the utmost quality, and the Roy Ayers Project is a prime example of his work.


Tony NgTony Ng
Camera / Photographer / DJ     (San Francisco, Ca.)

Tony Ng is a master of many trades, and his lens has captured everything from pop icons and performers to thought provoking photojournalism projects and gallery exhibitions. Tony takes a tremendous amount of pride in the Roy Ayers Project, and his mission and purpose is in perfect alignment with the crew.