Cymande – Second Time Around (1973) (Audio)

What do you get when you mix African rhythms with Latin Rock, as well as the sound of funky drums an guitar riffs? The music of the London based band Cymande (See-MON-day) is truly unique from its auditory delivery, to its message, to the construction of its members, comprised of musicians from Guyana and Jamaica who all bring their unique influences to amalgamate into one soulful pot. The outcome is this one of a kind band, who’s quinesscential sound can be heard in their 1973 album Second Time Around. When you hear Cymande, you can hear shades of Carlos Santana, as well as a bit of Fela’s rhythms and horns, and some really heavy bass lines that in many tracks, hold the entire song together. The vocals of Cymande is when you can definitely hear the African influence.

Listen and enjoy this album, as it is a excellent example of what multiple worldly influences, along with excellent musicianship can produce.

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  1. Cymande – Second Time Around (1973) (Audio) a prime example of 70’s Fusion

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