It’s uncertain if the term “label mate” was used when referring to musicians in the 70’s, but for a brief stint, David Axelrod and Roy Ayers were on the same label. In 1975, Axelrod recorded his lone Polydor release entitled Seriously Deep.

For those that know the sound of David Axelrod know that when you listen to one of his songs, you never know what you’re going to get. The only thing that is for certain is that any Hip Hop producer can make a beat from any portion of any song. As primarily an arranger and composer, Axelrod’s liberal sound was a huge spectrum, ranging from synthesizers, orchestral strings, and many other various instrumentations and sounds, but one thing that was always prevalent in Axelrod’s music was the funky drummer. The funk back bone of the drummer is a constant, and it is what makes him so desirable amongst Hip Hop fans and producers.

When listening to Seriously Deep, it featured a list of heavyweights, like Ndugu Chancler and Joe Sample, not to mention Cannonball Adderley as a producer. This album is noteworthy for Adderly because this is one of the last projects he worked on. Adderley’s untimely death occurred in mid-1975, the same year this album was recorded. It is a silver lining knowing that Adderley contributed to this excellent album as one of his last works. In typical ‘Axelrod’ fashion, the sound is very cinematic, and can be imagined for a movie soundtrack. It is truly an excellent listen, and is a good representation of David Axelrod and his catalog. Enjoy this landmark by one of the most eclectic musicians.

One other connection between David Axelrod and Roy Ayers is that although Axelrod is ten years the elder of Ayers, he is also from Los Angeles, California.

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  1. David Axelrod – Seriously Deep (1975) One of Cannonball Adderley’s last projects.

  2. 5-D (@5_D) says:

    Dope album!! “@RoyAyersProject: David Axelrod – Seriously Deep (1975) One of Cannonball Adderley’s last projects.”

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