Dilla says “TURN IT UP” (DET 2 LA) – Mixed by DJ Haylow (2007)

A few years after I had released James Yancey Productions, I felt like a follow-up mix was in order. This was 2007. I was much more acclimated to the digital format of DJing, I had a few more mixes under my belt, so I knew the ins and outs of Garage Band, I knew how to record with better quality, and I was in love with my iMac (which had internet by this point). It wasn’t that I was a better DJ or anything, It was just time to do a “Part II”. Every year after Dilla’s untimely passing, the legend grows and grows, so two years after, we definitely saw the reverence, but it was no where near what you see today, which is a good thing.

With this follow up Dilla mixtape, I wanted to feature more people who Dilla worked with, instead of the usual suspects of Q-Tip, Common, Slum Village, etc. I also wanted to feature something that gets overlooked when talking about Dilla; his verses. Some may think of his verses as filler to a dope beat, others may just overlook it completely, but Dilla exhumed a great aura of confidence while rhyming, one that said, “It’s undeniable…I’m the best at what I do.” Although the substance was lacking at times, his verses was something I wanted to highlight for this mix tape. With that being said, this mix intentionally does not feature all Jay Dee/J Dilla productions, while James Yancey Productions does (I found out years later that there is one track on James Yancey Productions that was NOT produced by Dilla. The track Door was produced by BR Gunna, which was a producer duo that featured a young Black Milk).

On this project, I also wanted to feature friends who shared a love and appreciation for J Dilla. I contacted a select few group, and had some great responses and personal tributes to the legend. There were “tribute” songs in the mix, one by Trade Vorhees, who gives a personal timeline involving his love for Dilla, and the second was Wonway Posibul, who does an excellent conceptualization song about having “A Dream” involving Dilla, where he uses the titles of Dilla songs to tell his story. The third feature was REL who gave a great instrumental paying tribute to Dilla by sampling his bread and butter sample, which is Minnie Riperton Inside My Love. With the technology available, and the love that my friends and I shared for Dilla, I thought this would be an excellent added touch for the mix tape.

Here is the follow up to James Yancey Productions, originally titled Dilla says “TURN IT UP!”, but I have grown accustomed to simply calling it DET2LA. Enjoy this download, as this can be another addition to your already vast Dilla collection. We must also recognize Prince Aries for his brilliant artwork, which is the color design, and the design below that is one that I did years later, adapting the Detroit/Los Angeles concept.

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