It’s very hard to find a single artist that can incorporates as many different sounds, styles, and genres than George Duke. In his 1974 album entitled Feel you will hear a bit of everything, from jazz to funk, to synth based rhythms, fuzzy guitar riffs, celestial sounds, smooth R&B vocals and transitions, and much more.

Similar to Roy Ayers, Duke begin as a vocalist, but he later in his career started to incorporate his own voice to enhance his recordings. A perfect combination of abstract jazz and experimental sound, George’s sound on Feel is loose and free, but still has the structure of a steady rhythm, as well as straight forward percussive beats, provided by Ndugu Chanclor, as well as Airto. Holding down the clean guitar riffs is Obdewl’l X, and the much needed bass is John Heard.

One of the many George Duke albums that is a gold mind for producers and DJ’s there are so many breaks, snippets, and stanzas that are perfect for a neo soul classic, or a hip hop masterpiece. (Check out Kia Bennett and her beautiful song, sampling George Duke’s Feel) We thank you, Mr. Duke, for all that you’ve given us, and his vibes and great energy still blesses stages around the world.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”George Duke – Funny Funk@, George Duke – Love@, George Duke – The Once Over@, George Duke – Feel@, George Duke – Cora Jobege@, George Duke – Old Slippers@, George Duke – Theme from the Opera@, George Duke – Yana Aminah@, George Duke – Rashan@, George Duke – Statement@″]

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  1. Listen to George Duke’s 1974 album “FEEL”, one of his most amazing projects.

  2. @GeezusWalks says:

    @royayersproject THANK YOU for this! Gonna spend my wknd rediscovering, George Duke – Feel (1974)

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