Giorgio Moroder – Theme From Midnight Express (1978)

February, which has been informally labeled as Dilla Month, is a specific time of year when we can all pay homage, reflect, discuss, and enjoy the music created by a genius mind. In the same vain as recognizing February as Black History Month, it is wonderful to know that such recognition exists, but we should also point out that Dilla’s acknowledgement is not confined within two dates on the calendar, nor should a quest for knowledge and understanding when discussing the contributions African Americans. Yes, this you know. I just thought I’d remind you.

Those who know Dilla’s music knows that he had no limits when it came to sampled genres. We wanted to post this clip from the 1978 film Theme From Midnight Express, which features the sounds of Giorgio Moroder, which is the frame for a personal Dilla favorite.

Turkish Instrumental



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  1. Giorgio Moroder – Theme From Midnight Express (1978)

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