The 1970’s will always be viewed as a legendary time period for African Americans in more ways than one. While focusing on the music of the 70’s, we heard and saw many traditional jazz musicians stray from the sound of traditional jazz and creating many different sub-genres. Electric jazz was steadily on the rise, and the traditional Blue Note sound became less popular. Something else that thrived during the 70’s for the African American culture was the rise in Blaxploitation films, many of which featured soundtracks by legendary jazz, soul, and funk artists. Most artists that were credited with these projects were artists that had their own sound and fan base, and in most cases, the project assignment enabled them to venture outside their normal box, experimenting with new instrumentalists, new genres, and playing multiple styles on the same album. A couple examples could be Isaac Hayes Shaft soundtrack, as well as Curtis Mayfield Super Fly, and of course Roy Ayers’ Coffy soundtrack, just to name a few. All those are extremely brilliant albums, but today, we are recognizing Grant Green and his soundtrack to the 1973 film The Final Comedown.

Grant Green is known for his smooth, mellow guitar, but in this particular album, you hear the funk side of Grant, as well as accompaniments such as timpani, harp, and congas. Although this album isn’t typical Grant Green, and it may be one that his fans may bypass, or not be familiar with, it is still interesting to hear him in a different arena. This album was released on Blue Note Records, but it is not the Blue Note sound. which makes it a unique addition to the career work of Mr. Green.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Past Present and Future@, The Final Comedown@, Father’s Lament@, Fountain Scene@, Soul Food/African Shop@, Slight Fear and Terror@, Afro Party@, Luanna’s Theme@, Battle Scene@, Traveling to Get to Doc@, One Second After Death@″]

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