There are many reasons why A Tribe Called Quest is one of the greatest rap groups ever…actually, the word “greatest” really doesn’t explain their contributions. It’s more accurate to say “influential“, and this is obvious when we hear musical elements that Tribe was doing in their first release in 1990 prevalent in the sounds of today’s music. It was around this time when hip hop producers were really beginning to get a hold of and seek out records to sample that were not from the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilations, or that were not James Brown samples. Throughout Tribe’s first release People’s Instinctive Travels And Paths Of Rhythm, they used a multitude of genres, groups, and records to sample, and it would be foolish to not give credit to Roy Ayers for being a big contribution to one of the most influential rap groups the world has ever seen.

Tribe Called Quest was key in giving a resurgence to the Roy Ayers produced RAMP by using the RAMP song Daylight as a key element to Bonita Applebaum, Tribe’s first single.

[audio:|titles=RAMP – Daylight]

It is also notable that Tribe included the sound of Roy Ayers on their debut a second time, when they sampled Roy Ayers’ Running Away for the song entitled Description of a Fool.
[audio:|titles=Tribe Called Quest – Description of a Fool]

[audio:|titles=Roy Ayers – Running Away]

This may be “Hip Hop Sampling 101” to some, but it is important that to note that A Tribe Called Quest is a key part to bringing Roy Ayers’ music to the Hip Hop community, thus opening doors to his entire catalog as well as the music of other sampled musicians, groups, and artists.

Thank you, Tribe.

Written by: @Haylow

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