I Am Somebody – Jessie Jackson / JB’s (Sesame Street) (Circa 1975)

Feel free to join along with the Reverend Jesse Jackson at home, work, or where ever this post finds you…

This is an well known and inspiring speech from the Jesse Jackson, which is incorporated in the title of the album by Fred Wesley featuring the JBs, James Brown’s longtime backing band through the height of his career. A snippet of the actual speech can be heard in the smooth groove entitled Same Beat, produced by James Brown. This particular song stands out from the quintessential James Brown sound, having a slower pace and a more relaxing vibe, but still maintaining the rhythm that stays in the pocket. Another item to mention about Same Beat was the usage of the synthesizer in the beginning minutes of the track, which was not completely unusual for the JB’s, but is definitely something to note. As you can hear, it is incorporated beautifully in this funky tune.

We should also mention that James Brown is credited with playing the Synthesizer.

Fred Wesley and the JB’s – Same Beat (Parts 1,2&3)
(Jesse Jackson’s vocals appear at 2:00)

Written by: @Haylow

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