Jneiro Jarel (Dr. Who Dat) – Beat Journey (2006)

An instrumental project that was way ahead of its time was Jneiro Jarel‘s (a.k.a. Dr. Who Dat) 2006 release entitled Beat Journey, which is also a great representation of using non-conventional jazz and fusion as a muse to create progressive Hip Hop beats. Well…I guess you can call it Hip Hop. Jarel original sound makes it difficult to put his music in any one specific genre, similar to the artists in which his sound is derived from. You can pick any one of his instrumentals from Beat Journey and get something different each time, some enter the realm of smooth and serene, while others are much more chaotic and untamed.

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When listening to many of the instrumental albums that are released in 2012, you can definitely hear a lot of similarities in the sounds that Jneiro was producing in 2006. Not only has this project withstood the test of time nearly 6 years later, it has been a mold for many aspiring producers. When hearing this album, you can hear shades ofArthur Verocai, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Cal Tjader just to name a few. Enjoy if you are listening for the first time, or if you are revisiting, as the title of the album says it all…it is truly a Beat Journey.

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  1. Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who Dat (@JNEIROJAREL) – Beat Journey (2006) http://t.co/zpedR0mf

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