The album by Joe Henderson entitled Page One can be described as quintessential Blue Note, resembling shades of Charlie Parker or John Coltrane. Released in 1963, this recording was a launching point for Henderson’s successful Blue Note career, recording with many other noteworthy artists including Horace Silver, Grant Green, Lee Morgan, and many other jazz heavyweights.
Page One is a easy listen that a jazz novice will surely enjoy, a sound that exemplifies the rhythm and feel of the straight-ahead jazz sub genre. The sound of a jazz quintet may sound a bit minimal by the electronic years of the 70’s, but this is the jazz that laid the foundation for the contemporary artists that thrived off of the electric instruments.
An artists first album is obviously the most significant, and this is no exception for Joe Henderson, who shines on his first release, along with Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Pete La Roca on drums, McCoy Tyner on piano (who wasn’t credited on the album because he was signed with Impulse, and Butch Warren on double bass.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Joe Henderson – Blue Bossa@, Joe Henderson – La Mesha@, Joe Henderson – Homestretch@, Joe Henderson – Recorda Me@, Joe Henderson – Jinrikisha@, Joe Henderson – Out of the Night@″]

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  1. Joe Henderson – Page One (1963)
    (Blue Note Records)

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