If you ask any fan or follower to give one word to describe Los Angeles rapper Dom Kennedy it would most likely be “cool”, and that’s a tough argument. He exhumes cool, from his laid back flow and cadence, to his entourage, management, and tag line, which is “Just Be Cool”. Another thing that we can’t forget when we talk about the coolness of Dom Kennedy is the instrumentals which he chooses to rap over, which gives him the foundation for his aura of coolness. Simply put, there are people that create styles and trends, and there are people that follow, and even the most trendsetting of individuals got their ideas and style from another concept or source. Where individuality comes in to play is that you take an idea from a previously existing idea and make it your own, which is what is heard in the process of sampling. When you hear the cool Dom Kennedy over those soulful, smoothed out samples, let’s take a second to think back who is responsible for the original thought, concept, writing, and recording of the sound of cool.

This is a long, round-about way of saying this…If Dom Kennedy is cool, then Lonnie Liston Smith is cooler.

When hearing Dom’s song on his From the Westside, with Love pt. II, you hear the cool sounds of Mr. Lonnie Liston laying the foundation and the instrumentation, and that needs to be recognized.

Dom Kennedy – Platinum Channel from the album From the Westside, with Love pt. II
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/08-Platinum-Chanel.mp3|titles=Dom Kennedy – Platinum Chanel]

Lonnie Liston Smith – Then Entrantress from the album Love is the Answer
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/06-The-Enchantress.mp3|titles=Lonnie Liston Smith – The Enchantress]

This one is a dedication to Dom and Lonnie Liston Smith, two cool gentlemen from two different eras.

Written by: @Haylow

4 comments on Lonnie Liston Smith and Dom Kennedy Are Just Cool (1980/2011)

  1. Lonnie Liston Smith and Dom Kennedy Are Just Cool (1980/2011) | Written by @Haylow | http://t.co/G1LPBpER

  2. MLA says:

    This is one of the few tracks I fool with on this album. Must be the Lonnie!

  3. @BurukEarly says:

    @Ellos_ I was telling you about this dude last time we spoke. Remember? http://t.co/gu1jIHgY

  4. @Ellos_ says:

    “@BurukEarly: @Ellos_ I was telling you about this dude last time we spoke. Remember? http://t.co/7jHdzrBN“thx 4 this. Lonnie is a genius.

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