Miles Davis – Workin’ with The Miles Davis Quintet (1959) (Audio)

An irony that always slaps me in the face.

As someone who been a devoted Hip Hop student, and within the Hip Hop listenings, I have developed an unwavering appreciation for jazz, funk, and soul, as well as other genres that helped create the skeleton that holds hip hop true to form. As a life long listener, focusing on the consumption of sidemen discographies, extreme rarities, and obscure factoids and footnotes, sometimes the most obvious goes overlooked.

Every time I listen to Miles, I feel this.

Miles is Jazz 101. The prerequisite. The base. He is what jazz is supposed to sound like. Especially late ’50s Miles, with people who you would struggle to call “side men”, with John Coltrane (tenor saxophone), Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass and cello), and Philly Joe Jones (drums). In this particular album Workin’ with The Miles Davis Quintet, the only way to put it in to words is “It’s Jazz”, and there is no argument about that.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Miles Davis – It Never Entered My Mind@http://70×, Miles Davis – Four@http://70×, Miles Davis – In Your Own Sweet Way@http://70×, Miles Davis – The Theme (Take One)@http://70×, Miles Davis – , Miles Davis – Trane’s Blues@http://70×, Miles Davis – Ahmad’s Blues@http://70×, Miles Davis – Half Nelson@http://70×, Miles Davis – The Theme (Take Two)@http://70×″]

Miles - Workin (Back)

Miles -Workin (Front)

Written by: @Haylow

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