Nas – “The Game Lives On” (c. 1994)

Before he dropped his first classic, young Nasir Jones was already proving himself to be hip-hop’s most gifted young story teller. This early cut resurfaced years after it’s recording, and offers a glimpse into the prodigal talent that would become QB’s finest. The track was later rehashed as Project Windows on 1999’s Nastradamus, complete with a Mr. Biggs-era Ronald Isley hookFeaturing his trademark rasp that belies his tender age and a melancholy piano loop, the Illmatic era relic is arguably far more powerful then the version that saw major label release. Just goes to show you, sometimes the unpolished gems are the ones that shine the brightest.

Words by @BrotherHayling

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  1. In this week’s #secondspin, @BrotherHayling shows how some unpolished gems can shine the brightest.

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