Parabéns, Sérgio Mendes (Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ’66)

Sometimes, our most favorite songs are ones that we don’t remember hearing for the first time, and usually those are the most iconic. A song can seep into our subconscious, and we may not even know the name of the song, what it’s about, or who it’s by.

Today, and on his birthday, we would like to recognize Sérgio Mendes, along with his timeless and beautiful melody, Mas sue Nada.

…and this is footage of Sergio & Brazil 66 performing the classic song by Little Anthony & The Imperials, I Think I’m Going Out of My Head

We thank Sérgio Mendes for being an ambassador to another world, and bringing the sound of Brasil to receive world wide acclaim.


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  1. Parabéns, Sérgio Mendes (Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ’66)

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