Silent Treatment, The Roots second single off the Do You Want More??!!!?!!?! Album, is arguably one of the greatest Hip Hop remix 12″s ever produced, not only for the fact there are so many versions, but because they all have their own sound. I cannot imagine an artist today devoting so much time and effort for one single, which makes this single song so amazing. This wasn’t uncommon at the time. There were a number of songs that had 2 or 3 different remixes, but the Silent Treatment remixes could quite possible reign supreme as the best. Another thing that makes these remixes special, and all Roots remixes special is that they are not just an acapella over a different beat, they are completely revisited, with new flow patterns, variations of the lyrics, etc. When you factor in the video, this single is above and beyond almost anything Hip Hop has ever seen.

Listen and enjoy, and fyi, a young Santogold graces the cover of the single.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

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