The late 70’s and early 80’s was a transitional time for Roy Ayers, where you hear him switching from the mystical funk jazz sound into more of the upbeat disco sound, and this 1981 album entitled Center of the World is a direct reflection that transition. Roy Ayers was not the only artists making this gradual shift, and in fact, almost all jazz artists from the 70’s were following this trend. But in the midst of Roy following the musical trend, there was one thing that set Roy Ayers apart from other musicians. It was that Roy continued to promote the message of afrocentricity and spirituality. He wore his heritage on his sleeve for the world to see, and his pride in Africa was well documented by collaborating with Fela Kuti, the title names on this particular album and the name of the album itself, just to name a few examples.
This album may not be known by many Roy Ayers fans, but it is one that should certainly not be over looked. Enjoy the quintessential melodic sounds of Roy Ayers, in transition.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Africa, Center of The World@, Intro-The River Niger@, I’ll Just Keep Tryin@, Destination Motherland@, The Third Eye@, Intro-Land of The Fruit & Honey@, Intro-Mi Nise Si E (I Love You)@, There’s a Master Plan@″]

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