Since our initial call for beats in April 2011, and our release of the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation Volume 1 in early August 2011, we have been receiving submissions on a regular basis from many different parts of the globe, and the number of beats that have been donated to the Roy Ayers Project has easily surpassed triple digits. Our Beat Submission Volume 1 has surpassed 8,000 downloads by our count alone, and we are proud to know that we have created a platform for people to display their music, as well as a timeless and international appeal for Roy Ayers infused instrumentals. As the inspiration of Roy Ayers continues to motivate talented musicians around the globe, we will continue to feature producers that love and admire the music, sound, and philosophy of Roy Ayers.

Before we present the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation Volume 2, we would like to thank each and every producer who made this possible, as this compilation unifies talented people from all over the world, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Chicago, Portugal, France, New York City, and many more locations. This is yet another example of how music is truly a universal language, as is the message of Roy Ayers. We would once again like to thank for their constant support, as well as the blogs who will spread this compilation to their respective networks. Last but not least, we would like to thank you, the reader, for your visit, and we encourage you to tell a friend about the Roy Ayers Project.

Without further ado, here is the one-click download for the Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 2. Consider this our gift from us to you for the holiday season.


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Click Here to download Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Volume 1

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  1. 斉藤博さんがこのプロジェクトに2曲参加!素晴らしい~。皆さん是非聞いてみてー。LUCIAもyoutubeでリミックスしてくれてます。合わせてチェキ!!!

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