It’s always a nice story when musicians marry, and not to be outdone, the wife of Stanley Turrentine was superb organist Shirley Scott, who had an extensive catalog of her own, ranging nearly thirty years.

When browsing through the decades of Shirley Scott’s music, you can take your pick of straight ahead jazz, soul jazz, or in this case, some of the most funk filled jazz you’ve ever heard in her album entitled Superstition. This album is filled with funky horn riffs, extended drum breaks, and a steady beat throughout that will definitely have you nodding your head. There are also come beautiful cover songs, including the title track which covers Stevie Wonder’s well known Superstition, as well as The Stylistics classic People Make The World Go ‘Round. Each has it’s own flavor, and they both have qualities that set them apart from their original masterpieces.

Overall, Shirley Scott does an excellent job at creating a hybrid sound that carves it’s own genre, and the musicianship from her and her sidemen are wonderful as well. This album features some big names, including Ron Carter on bass, Jimmy Ponder on tenor saxophone, and Richard Evans on horns, just to name a few. You will certainly enjoy this listen, as it will brighten your day and become one of your personal favorites.

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