Stoned Soul Picnic Revisited (Laura Nyro’s Version) (1968)

The years 1967 to 1972 were revolutionary for popular music. Fueled by the revolutionary changes in politics and culture, popular music was expanding, evolving, and integrating. Pop was mixing with soul was mixing with jazz was mixing with funky was mixing with rock.

Two versions of this pop/soul classic have previously been posted: Roy Ayers’s version, and The Fifth Dimension’s version. Here is the original written and recorded by Laura Nyro.

Laura Nyro – Stoned Soul Picnic|titles=Laura Nyro – Stoned Soul Picnic

Released in March of 1968, Nyro’s album, ‘Eli And The Thirteenth Confession’ was a heady mix of pop, rock, soul, jazz, Broadway, and gospel. The album included songs that later became big hits for Three Dog Night and The Fifth Dimension, including ‘Stoned Soul Picnic.’

Roy Ayers’s version, released on his album ‘Stoned Soul Picnic’ in June of 1968 is classic jazz/soul/pop; clean and crisp, forthright and funky, it represented the coming together of the soul brothers, the jazz-heads, and the hippies.

The Fifth Dimension’s version, released as a single also in June 1968 is elemental soul/pop; California Soul meets New York sophistication, east coast funky meets west coast elegance. It represented the convergence of Uptown style and Downtown grit.

And Nyro’s version (below, released as a single in October 1968), simple and complex, aching and joyful, innocent and sultry, gospel and funky, brings it home at about 2:57 with a chord, sung in her overdubbed voice, that neither Ayers nor The Fifth Dimension bothered to replicate. It represents the spirit of an era when musical artists were free to explore the breadth and depth of all of their musical inspiration and influences.

Written by: Carled

2 comments on Stoned Soul Picnic Revisited (Laura Nyro’s Version) (1968)

  1. @Sikk412 says:

    Roy Ayers’ Stoned Soul Picnic Revisited (Laura Nyro’s Version) (1968) (Written by: Carled) (via @RoyAyersProject)

  2. Artamus says:

    Such a wonderful song, it’s no wonder Artists were lining up to cover it. I like Laura’s original version best by far. The others are good, but no one can convey the mood of a Laura Nyro song quite like Laura did herself – she fills every note with pure Heart and Soul!

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