BrotherSpanky- “365 (Valentine’s Day)” (2011)

Since the advent of music recording, the love song has been the most crowded topical territory by far. Whether you’re celebrating new love or lamenting heartbreak, chances are you’re just one click away from finding dozens of appropriate tunes for the occasion. With enough romantic tunes on your iPod to fill up the whole Hallmark section, why celebrate “Valentine’s Day” through song yet again?

Far from cliché, this independent release from BrotherSpanky was one of several carefully crafted songs from his 2011 Soul Beauty 2: The Love EP, which featured the producer on all instruments, production, and vocal duties. The good brother takes a step back from the usual 2/14 romantic fare, accompanying the tune with visuals that spotlight his DIY creative process from soup to nuts. Elements of Motown, disco, and funk, create an intimate soundscape for this D.C.-based auteur to paint shades of true love— even if you’re able to fight the urge to soulclap along with the soulful outro, chances are you’ll want to revisit this one all twelve months of the year.

Words by @BrotherHayling