George Duke

George Duke (1946- 2013)

A reflective piece on the passing of one of Jazz’s greatest fusion artists, Mr. George Duke.

George Duke – Feel (1974) (Audio)

George Duke’s ability to combine many different genres is unparalleled, and in his album ‘Feel’, he creates his own style of music and composition.

Rhodes Scholars: 10 Fender Rhodes Songs You Need to Hear

The title says it all, as Brother Hayling gives us 10 Rhodes songs that we MUST hear, as well as audio examples so you can see why these songs are a must for your audio memory bank.

George Duke / Common – Break My Heart (1974/2007)

Taking a brief look at the intersection of two talent artists at their most exploratory.

Feel. George Duke Mix (1971-1980) Mixed by B+ (Download)

If you are unfamiliar with the sound of the legendary George Duke, here is your crash course provided by photographer/DJ B+

Cannonball Adderley – Love, Sex, and the Zodiac (1974)

A spoken word album from Cannonball Adderley that is like no other.