Gilles Peterson’s Tributes to Donald Byrd

If you are going to do a tribute mix on a legend like Donald Byrd, who we recently lost, the most important thing is to be thorough.

Fortunately, the worldwide musical personality known as Gilles Peterson released his two part series that pays an excellent tribute to Donald Byrd, which are aptly named The Acoustic Years and The Electric Years. Knowing it came from Gilles Peterson, there is one thing that we know for sure. It’s Thorough.

For someone who is a life long fan, someone who is not too familiar with the work of Donald Byrd, or someone who just wants much of his work organized in one place, this is a must listen. Gilles also adds his own insight, which is always welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you, Gilles Peterson, and of course, this couldn’t be possible without the musical contributions of Donald Byrd. Rest in Peace.

Please note that the above artwork was not officially released with the mix. It is exclusive to 70×