Herbie Hancock

Kenny Dorham – Una Mas (1963) (Audio)

The worldly, yet straight ahead sounds of Kenny Dorham are on full display in his 1963 recording, Una Mas.

Herbie Hancock – The Prisoner (1969) (Audio)

Herbie Hancock’s 1969 recording is a representation of protest music that is often overlooked.

Roy Ayers – Stoned Soul Picnic (1968)

One of Roy Ayers earliest, and best recordings, “Stoned Cold Picnic” is a symbolic album with a legendary cast.

Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You (Video) (Circa 1980)

Herbie Hancock’s early adaptation of the vocoder was masterful in this late 70s classic song.

Rhodes Scholars: 10 Fender Rhodes Songs You Need to Hear

The title says it all, as Brother Hayling gives us 10 Rhodes songs that we MUST hear, as well as audio examples so you can see why these songs are a must for your audio memory bank.

Herbie Hancock and the Fairlight CMI (Circa 1980) (Video)

Herbie Hancock is displaying his Fairlight CMI synthesizer with some extremely noteworthy company, making for extremely unique footage.

Herbie Hancock – Directstep (Audio) (1978)

Herbie Hancock is a Jazz icon, and this particular album is a prime example why he is so revered for pushing the art form to the next level.

Bobby Hutcherson – Components (1965) (Audio)

Bobby Hutcherson shows why he’s one of the greatest vibraphone players ever in his Blue Note release, Components.

Roy Ayers – Daddy Bug & Friends (1976) (Audio)

Not everything released by Roy Ayers in the 70s was fusion. Daddy Bug & Friends is a classic Roy Ayers album that commonly goes overlooked