Herbie Mann

Herbie Mann – Impressions Of The Middle East (1967) (Audio)

This 1967 album by Herbie Mann features a young Roy Ayers as one of his sidemen.

Roy Ayers – Stoned Soul Picnic (1968)

One of Roy Ayers earliest, and best recordings, “Stoned Cold Picnic” is a symbolic album with a legendary cast.

Herbie Mann / The Pharcyde – Otha Fish (1967/1992)

As many people praised the fusion between Jazz and Hip Hop in the early 90’s, ‘Otha Fish’ by The Pharcyde is one that goes overlooked, and it shouldn’t.

Roy Ayers Quartet – Comin’ Home Baby (Review) (Audio) (1969)

Our first installment of Roy Ayers Friday is one of Roy’s earlier recordings and also one of his first albums as a front man.

Roy Ayers – Daddy Bug & Friends (1976) (Audio)

Not everything released by Roy Ayers in the 70s was fusion. Daddy Bug & Friends is a classic Roy Ayers album that commonly goes overlooked

Summer Time – Herbie Mann (1961) / Sublime & Pharcyde (1997)

Herbie Mann’s version of this seasonal classic is known beyond the realm of Jazz. Listen to his version, as well as many others and enjoy why this song has been a staple in music history.