OutKast – “Roaches and Rats” (c. 1996)

In late 2005, André and Antwan had the music world waiting with bated breath as they prepared their feature film debut Idlewild and its accompanying soundtrack. On the heels of the universally acclaimed Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, longtime fans and new comers were waiting after three years of silence from the Southernplayalistic emcees. While the duo’s sixth studio album didn’t quite live up to expectations, a one-off leak months ahead of the release still demands repeated spins after the forgettable album has faded from memory.

Recorded in the early years of OutKast and Organized Noize’s groundbreaking partnership, the actual recording of “Roaches and Rats” was made years before it’s late 2005 leak. The single’s laidback, jazzy vibe harkens to their 1996 sophomore record ATLiens, and is a must have for any longtime listener.

Words by @BrotherHayling