Terry Gibbs

Terry Gibbs Quartet with Terry Pollard (1958) (Video)

In a time when jazz was the popular art form, this 1958 Tonight Show with the Terry Gibbs Quartet and Terry Pollard is an indication of what style was accepted by mainstream media. In this performance, Terry Gibbs shows why he is one of the forefathers to introduce the vibraphone to the newer eras of jazz, being a precursor to the likes of Bobby Hutcherson and Roy Ayers. Although this is the Terry Gibbs Quartet, it is Terry Pollard who steals the show.

You may not have heard of Terry Pollard. She didn’t record much during the after the 1950’s, but in this video she proves to be a fabulous Jazz woman, showing her exceptional skill on the piano and the vibraphone. Jazz has always been dominated by men, so to see a woman who has nearly perfected her craft as a jazz musician could be seen as a stunning rarity, but in actuality, it could have been more common than the mainstream media has lead us to believe. Regardless of her career, or lack there of, this video shows her excellence, and we are lucky enough to witness this one performance that will forever change the common perception of the historical relevance of jazz vibraphonists.

Terry Gibbs and Terry Pollard