Jimi Was A Rock Star

On what would have been his 70th birthday, we salute James Marshall Hendrix, a man that redefined “black music.”

Abdullah Ibrahim – For John Coltrane (Live) | A Midsummer Night’s Eulogy

Taking a moment out to eulogize one of our most important figures, forty-five years later.

Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Video) (2011)

An excellent song with visuals to match, Gregory Porter has an instant classic with this thought provoking song.

Wes Montgomery – ‘Round Midnight (Video) (Circa 1960)

This video is an excellent window into a previous era, watching one of the greatest guitarists to ever pick up the instrument.

Add-2 – Cotton Fields (with Lyrics) (Video) (2012)

In honor of Martin Luther King day, we would like to shed some light on Chicago emcee Add-2, and his more than relevant song and video entitled “Cotton Fields”.