Tupac Shakur – Pain (Alternate Versions) (1994) / Earl Klugh & George Benson

Today we wish a happy 40th birthday to one of the most prolific personalities of a generation.

Pain is my personal favorite Tupac song featuring Stretch, who was also a victim of the streets as well. He was killed shortly after recording this verse. The profound message, the sample, the beat, so many factors go into the greatness of this song. This song samples the great work of Earl Klugh and George Benson, Living Inside Your Love, which is a beautiful song in it’s own right. Another interesting side note of this song is it was featured on the Above the Rim soundtrack as a bonus track for the cassette only. During this time when there seemed to be an effort by record labels to phase out tapes, it was not uncommon to see bonus tracks that were included on the CD, and not the cassette, but to have Pain as a bonus track on the cassette and not the CD was truly unusual. Regardless, the bonus track happened to be one of Tupac’s greatest songs. Another thing worth noting is that this song was on a soundtrack from a movie that Tupac was featured in *SPOILER ALERT* (a movie which he was gunned down at the end), which shows the magnitude of his persona. Tupac was not a rapper who was acting, he was a rapper and an actor. What made Pac so unique is that he touched so many lives in so many different ways though music, acting, joyous occasions, activism, immobilization, encouragement, in celebration, and many more, and he displayed his many sides and faces through all facets of his work.

All these things considered make Pain my personal favorite Tupac song.
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/02-Pain-Radio-Version-Extended-Remix1.mp3|titles=Pain (Radio Version)]
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/12-Pain-When-They-Cry-Remix.mp3|titles=Pain (Alt Remix)]

The Sample for Pain, Earl Klugh & George Benson – Living Inside Your Love
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/11-Livin-Inside-Your-Love.mp3|titles=Livin Inside Your Love]

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  1. @MikeFlossin says:

    Man, I was ENRAGED when I found out Pain was on the cassette and not the CD. And I know it’s listed as a bonus track, but it was featured so prominently and repeatedly in the movie, it shoulda been track #1 on the soundtrack.

    But yea man, classic track. My favorite as well.

    Also, to add to the details, the intro of the track, “I couldn’t help but notice your pain…” is from a scene in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.


  2. Tupac Shakur – Pain (Alternate Versions) (1994) / Earl Klugh & George Benson http://t.co/AOG5KxAu

  3. Tupac Shakur – Pain (Alternate Versions) (1994) / Earl Klugh & George Benson | Roy Ayers Project | http://t.co/AOG1cXzA

  4. Tupac Shakur – Pain (Alternate Versions) (1994) / Earl Klugh & George Benson | Roy Ayers Project |.. http://t.co/H0aRLCIE

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