Mother’s Day. Although it was created to force us all to go to the nearest shopping mall and consume, it is still nice to have a time to appreciate all of the mothers that we know and knew, including our own. If you are in the mood to celebrate the occasion with song, and without listening to Tupac’s Dear Mama on repeat (which there is absolutely no problem with), here is a couple of songs to add to your newly made Mother’s Day Playlist that pay tribute to “Mother”, in more ways than one.


24-Carat BlackMother’s Day. This may not be the heartfelt ode to your mother that your used to. This song which talks about poverty and hardship, using “Mother’s Day” as an analogy for a time of judgement. (please correct me if I am wrong.) This song is one of many that discuss similar issues from their album Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth.
[audio:|titles=24-Karat Black – Mother’s Day]
[audio:|titles=24-Karat Black – Synopsis Two – Mother’s Day]

Parliment FunkadelicStar Child. You know what Parliment Funkadelic brings to the table, and Star Child can be one of their flagship songs. Nothing is stronger than the bond of mother and child, so Star Child is important to the list.
[audio:|titles=Parliment Funkadelic – Star Child]

Kool & the GangMother Earth. “She is always sharing her love…” is Kool & the Gang using the word Mother as a descriptive adjective to describe the world. This is Kool & the Gang at their best, filled with funk and soul, and this song is more than appropriate for Mother’s Day.
[audio:|titles=Kool & The Gang – Mother Earth]

Roy AyersDestination Motherland. As we all (may or may not) know, Roy Ayers has no shame in confessing his connection to Africa, and as proof he has many songs that pay tribute to where it all started. He does have song where he is paying tribute in lyric, but this is still a beautiful melody from his album Center of the World.
[audio:|titles=Roy Ayers – Destination Motherland]

The Blackbyrds and Charles EarlandMother / Son Talk. As taken from the soundtrack for the 1975 film Earl, Cornbread, and Me this is an excellent composition that has three different arrangements. Even though there are no lyrics to give the songs a literal definition, the tune paints an excellent image that reflects the songs title.
[audio:|titles=The Blackbyrds and Charles Earland – Mother / Son Theme]
[audio:|titles=The Blackbyrds and Charles Earland – Mother / Son Bedroom Talk]
[audio:|titles=The Blackbyrds and Charles Earland – Mother / Son Talk]

BloChant to Mother Earth. This song is an excellent fusion of latin rock, afro beat, and funk, from the Nigerian group Blo. You can listen to this, and truly understand the title. Giving thanks to what the earth provides is essential, and this song pays homage to the mother in which we all share.
[audio:|titles=Blo – Chant To Mother Earth]

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”24-Karat Black – Mother’s Day@, 24-Karat Black – Synopsis Two – Mother’s Day@, Parliment Funkadelic – Star Child@, Kool & The Gang – Mother Earth@, Roy Ayers – Destination Motherland@, The Blackbyrds and Charles Earland – Mother / Son Bedroom Talk@, The Blackbyrds and Charles Earland – Mother / Son Talk@, The Blackbyrds and Charles Earland – Mother / Son Theme@, Blo – Chant To Mother Earth@″]

Art by Said Ali Sowafy
Written by: @Haylow

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  1. some Unconventional “Mother’s Day” songs to add to your playlist.

  2. the italian rididillo says:

    words fail me…floating in waves of sound

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