Weather Report, Live at Montreux (1976) (Video)

Would you happen to have an hour and a half to spare? Think of it as a documentary, or a lesson on what it sounds like to turn the jazz world on it’s ear. The definition of fusion is this. Weather Report‘s performance at the Montreux Jazz festival in 1976.

To say that they were “in the zone” is a considerable understatement. What can often sound like chaos is actually precise musical articulation, with the ability to bring together so many different genres, instrumentation, styles, and cultures to amalgamate it into one sound. Weather Report had many members pass through their recordings, but this performance features their core members, with Joe Zawinul – Keyboards, Wayne Shorter – Sax, Jaco Pastorius – Bass, Alex Acuña – Drums, and Manolo Badrena – Percussion & Vocals.

Enjoy the sounds and images of one of the most innovative jazz collectives to ever exist.

Weather Report

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  1. @SCOF75 says:

    Joe ZawinulにWayne ShorterそしてJaco Pastorius Alex Acuñaのウェザー・リポート痺れる。Weather Report, Live Montreux via @RoyAyersProject

  2. #soundtrack for working: Weather Report live at Montreux before i was born

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