Weldon Irvine / Horace Silver – Liberated Brother (Multiple Versions)

The iconic melody of Liberated Brother is one that is perfect.

A song originally performed by Weldon Irvine and remade by Horace Silver, Liberated Brother is a hybrid sound of Jazz and Bossa Nova. It is remarkable how much the song mirrors Horace Silver’s sound, that you would think that his was the original. Also, Silver’s version seems to have a certain bit of refinement, where Irvine’s version seems to be a little more loose and improvisational. When we spoke to bassist John B. Williams about Horace Silver, he referred to him as a perfectionist, and you can definitely hear the levels of precision and fine tuning that went into his remake. When hearing Weldon Irvine’s entire album entitled Liberated Brother, the semi-abstract sound is constant throughout, and a touch of that sound can be heard in his version of this particular song.

Here are the two versions where you can compare and contrast the two. Both are excellent, but we all are partial to one.

Weldon Irvine Version
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/01-Liberated-Brother.mp3|titles=Weldon Irvine – Liberated Brother]

Horace Silver Version
[audio:http://royayersproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/01-Liberated-Brother1.mp3|titles=Horace Silver – Liberated Brother]
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Written by: Haylow

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