The only let down in this fabulous video uploaded by youtube user cynophagie is that the title includes Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, when the actual video only contains Wes Montgomery, but what can be seen as a disappointment is immediately forgotten when we hear the sweet, soothing guitar of Wes.

The unnamed British host mentions Montgomery’s thumb technique, which is prevalent throughout this video. George Benson, in the liner notes of the Ultimate Wes Montgomery album, wrote:
“Wes had a corn on his thumb, which gave his sound that point. He would get one sound for the soft parts, and then that point by using the corn. That’s why no one will ever match Wes. And his thumb was double-jointed. He could bend it all the way back to touch his wrist, which he would do to shock people.”

Sheer proof that the sound of Wes Montgomery could never be duplicated.

Montgomery recorded ’round midnight in 1959, so this video is presumably after that, and judging by the bareness of the television set, it seems to be very early 60s. It is also noteworthy to point out the hybrid blues sound throughout this session, especially in the riffs that bring it home during his encore.

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